Meerkat Film Production

We named us after the in Kalahari Desert living Meerkats, which are holding together in a team and share experiences with eachother. Meerkat Film is comprised of a highly creative team of dedicated individuals with long-standing experience in Film production, Commercial production, Tv Series, Aerial Photography and Filming, VFX production, Architectural, 3D film and Postproduction. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to collaborate with our clients skilfully across these platforms in creating the most stimulating and memorable visual solutions.

Who we are

Meerkat Film is a full-service international creative production company. Our mission is to provide our clients with professional creative communication solutions based on our expert knowledge and experience. Our staff includes highly experienced, creative producers, directors, Drone Pilots, 3D artists, editors, CG and VFX artists.

What we do

We provide exceptional creative concepts and cost-effective execution utilizing the latest digital production technologies. We have extensive experience in producing radio and broadcast commercials,online advertising, infomercials, corporate/industrial videos, company branding elements (jingles and animation) VFX and CGI in real life film footage or photography, fully rendered images, matte paintings , digital environments for feature, commercial films, music videos, and TV programs.